Illuminate : Architecture & Light

Leeds Modernist Society's photography competition and exhibition celebrates the interplay between modernist architecture and light.

20.10.23 - 03.11.23

Light transforms how we perceive and experience buildings. It can highlight or hide, soften or exaggerate. It is able to make places seem inviting or unfamiliar. Lighting can also be integrated in unusual and intriguing ways into our built environment. ILLUMINATE invited photographers to capture the UK’s iconic modernist architecture ‘in a new light’.

ILLUMINATE: Architecture & Light is on display at Ginger Works, 42a Park Place, Leeds.

Featured artists include: Alexander Hoyles, Amy Sanderson, Cal Cole, Christian Herron, Conor Palliser, Daniel King, Eddie-Joe Robinson, Elliott Howard, Emily DeFelice, Hilary Mooney, Jack Wilson, Jessica Groves, Joshua Hart, Kimberley Harris, Luke Staunton, Richard Salkeld, Rob Lycett, Robin Maurice Barr, Sam Jones, Sander van Heyden, Steve Hodgson, Tony Kemplen, Will Southwell-Wright

The ILLUMINATE competition invited people to submit photographs from the Modernist Society's 'chapter' cities of Birmingham, Glasgow, Huddersfield, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and Swansea. Competition prizes were kindly sponsored by architectural lighting consultancy Lumen Loom and judged by our guest panel of Eleanor Young (RIBAJ), Simon Phipps (Brutal North) and Jack Hale (The Modernist).

Exhibition space courtesy of Group Ginger. Further information about layout, facilities and capacity can be found here.

Special thanks to Gareth Gardner Gallery for their support with the exhibition prints.

Curated by Flo Armitage-Hookes and Lisa Brown.

This exhibition

weekdays 9am-6pm

Saturday 21st 12-3pm

- at
Ginger Works
42a Park Place,
Leeds, LS1 2RY