Mid-century Posters

Pop-Up Exhibition

06.06.23 - 15.07.23

The exhibition Mid-century Posters showcases a selection of film, sports and exhibition poster designs from the last century, spanning in style from classic 1920s art deco, through modernism and pop art to post-modernism.


Featured posters include the 1972 Olympic Games by Otl Aicher's design team, classic 1960's films 'A Clockwork Orange' and 'Alfie' and Eduardo Paolozzi's 1987 design for the Soho Jazz Festival.

The exhibited posters were selected by Stephen Hale who collects and trades in original vintage posters in fields such as movies, advertising, sport, music, popular culture and gallery exhibitions. He trawls French flea markets, German websites and American auction houses for the best ‘affiches’ and ‘plakats’. The exhibition features a selection graphics styles and designs of the last century.

Stephen trades under the name vintagepostersarecool at Dept. (Chorlton), Vintage Home Show at Victoria Baths (Manchester), Stockport Vintage Village and via Instagram.

Exhibited posters are for sale.

at The Modernist
58 Port Street, Manchester M1 2EQ
open 11am to 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday

Alfie - 1966, Michel Landie
Munchen 1972, Otl Aicher Design Team
Malevich - 1989, exhibition poster, the Stedelijk 
Modesty Blaise - 1966, Bob Peak
If you're seeking something wonderful or specific, further enquiries at shale7363@gmail.com