05.01.23 - 04.03.23

Plyconic is an East London design studio with a fascination in post war architecture. They use plywood to create 3D reliefs (PlyForms) of iconic buildings. In using just plywood, the texture and materials of the architecture is stripped back to focus on the form. 

There are many ways to enjoy and immerse yourself into PlyForms. You can simply relish it as a relief and study the forms of the architecture it depicts, or you can use it to observe the light changing throughout the day with shadows cast from the 3d relief.

Enjoy the shadows intensifying or the changing direction, shifting the focus of the picture to a different area. Simultaneously you can admire natures patterns within the plywood, with wood grain ripples that change direction with every layer, like opulent marble veining.  

Plyconic first started producing PlyForms in 2021. They have created several architectural series focusing on the Barbican, Southbank and Spanish artist Xavier Corberos home in Barcelona.

For this exhibition Plyconic has created 12 new pieces based on Manchesters modernist architecture. Each Plyform is available to buy as part of a limited edition. [Contact Plyconic for purchase details.]

at The Modernist

58 Port Street, Manchester M1 2EQ

open 11am to 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday