by John Piercy Holroyd & Daniel Hopkinson

Publication date: Friday 12 July 2024. (Books will be shipped after this date)

A Time ⋅ A Place - is a book in which every 'Car of the Year' (1964-1982) is paired with a building completed in the same year - photographed by acclaimed architectural photographer Daniel Hopkinson, researched and written by architect John Piercy Holroyd.

The collaboration between the two, aims to capture the essence of both built forms and machines. It also serves as a record of the people, enthusiasts, and custodians who inhabit these spaces. The project began in 2022 and involved extensive travel throughout the UK to find suitable motor cars and locations.

"It became the story of the car and the building and what happened on the day."

"A Time ⋅ A Place is a collaboration between an architect and an architectural photographer seeking to investigate the morphing strands of vehicular and architectural design over a 60-year period. By photographing every winner of the European Car of the Year award alongside a building of the same vintage, it has become an exploration of the permanence of built form against the fragility of machines."

The premise of the project is to use the winning vehicle of the European Car of the Year Competition as a metric, paired to a significant building of the same year and to photograph each car and building together. The 'European Car of the Year' will have been running for 60 years in 2024, so this offers the opportunity to split the project into three distinct periods:

·Volume 1: 1964-1982

·Volume 2: 1983-2003

·Volume 3: 2004-2024

The cars

1964: Rover 2000; 1965: Austin 1800; 1966: Renault 16; 1967: Fiat 124; 1968: NSU Ro 80; 1969: Peugeot 504; 1970: Fiat 128; 1971: Citroën GS; 1972: Fiat 127; 1973: Audi 80; 1974: Mercedes-Benz 450; 1975: Citroën CX; 1976: Simca 1307-1308; 1977: Rover 3500; 1978: Porsche 928; 1979: Simca-Chrysler Horizon; 1980: Lancia Delta; 1981: Ford Escort; 1982: Renault 9.

The buildings

1964: Crystal Palace National Recreation Centre, London; 1965: Our Lady of the Wayside, Shirley; 1966: Former UMIST Campus, Manchester; 1967: William Batchelor House, Coventry; 1968: St Augustine's R.C Chapel, Manchester; 1969: Bus Station, Preston; 1970: New Ash Green, Kent; 1971: National Motor Museum, Beaulieu; 1972: Ulster Museum, Belfast; 1973: Holy Trinity Parish Centre, Stratford upon Avon; 1974: Camberwell Submarine, London; 1975: Queens Theatre, Hornchurch; 1976: Herman Miller Factory (Now Bath School of Art & Design); 1977: Sports & Recreation Centre, Coventry; 1978: Sainsbury Centre, University of East Anglia; 1979: Shopping Building, Milton Keynes; 1980: De Breyne and Hayward Buildings at Keble College, Oxford; 1981: Humber Bridge, Kingston Upon Hull; 1982: The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent.

Published by the modernist

124 pages

Full colour

240mm x 294mm

Soft cover with exposed spine