INVISIBLE CITIES : Salford before, during and after redevelopment 1952-1974 (2024)

Edited by Tanya Poppelreuter and Alexandra Mitchell

This book focuses on the transformation of Salford between 1952 and 1974, when terraced houses and neighbourhoods were being replaced with modern architecture.

The book (and exhibition) is the culmination of The Modern Backdrop, a two-year research project at the University of Salford. We were kindly asked to publish the book to accompany the exhibition and we think its a lovely thing. 

The book and exhibition consists of photographs and architectural renderings - alongside oral histories from Salford residents past and present . Photographs were supplied by professional and semi professional photographs plus many were sent in by members of public who lived in and around Salford during its redevelopment.

Combined they have created an evocative and thought provoking set of images and words. This will appeal to those interested in the recent history of Salford, urban redevelopment and social history with an element of nostalgia thrown in.

This is a wonderful record of a pivotal stage of Salford's past.

Published by the modernist

Design by Craig Johnson


Full colour

200mm x 200mm

Soft cover