GMC21 : Twenty-first Century Architecture in Manchester and Salford

Since the year 2000, Manchester’s built environment has been utterly transformed and yet the last architectural guide to contemporary architecture in Manchester was published over 20 years ago. With this in mind, the Modernist Society has decided to produce a guide to 21st-century architecture in Manchester and Salford titled GMC21.

This is not necessarily a ‘Best of’ but is more of a subjective list, selected by the Modernist team, with the aim to show a wide variety of Manchester and Salford’s architecture from the last 23 years.

‘GMC21: Twenty-first Century Architecture in Manchester and Salford’ is now available. The book features over 100 examples of new architecture covering all types of buildings - from skyscrapers to substations, apartment blocks to tram stops, bridges to the B of The Bang and from AHMM to Zaha Hadid.

This book is for all who have an interest in modern architecture and the shape and look of our modern cities. It is hoped that the collection will encapsulate the seemingly relentless building boom that has been ongoing in the city since 2000.

The information for each building has been collected with the help of the architectural firms involved, with a huge amount of support and goodwill from all of them and from the architectural photographers that have worked with them. Each entry includes factual information, a short contextual description and high-quality photographs.

Compiled and edited: Bryony Aitchison, Richard Brook, Jack Hale and Eddy Rhead

Text by Eddy Rhead

Original photographs: with kind permission of many excellent photographers

Design: Hayley Shaw

Softcover, 134 pages,


220mm x 120mm

ISBN 978-1-9164718-8-7