Sacred Suburbs is celebration of post-war places of worship in the hinterlands of Manchester.

If you were to think of post-war churches in Manchester, you might think of the magnificent William Temple Memorial Church in Wythenshawe or St Raphael the Archangel in Stalybridge. Our aim is to unearth examples by lesser known architects and artisans. Our journey will take us from from Langley to Longsight possibly via Chadderton, and perhaps with a brief detour to Chorlton-cum-Hardy.

Whilst we admit that there is a certain amount of “churches we like” governing the selection criteria, we will focus on those which offer architectural interest. Otherwise, it may just tell an interesting story. Demolished churches may be included.

We've tried to be inclusive but, given religious trends at the time, the list will be dominated by Roman Catholic and Church of England examples.

The project is a collaboration between the Manchester Modernist Society and researchers Angela Connelly and Matthew Steele.

Sacred Suburbs