Ever had a little faith?

Sacred Suburbs a one-day event celebrating and debating the architecture of Manchester’s post-war places of worship (1945-1975).

Along with new estates and inner city high-rise developments, the post-war period witnessed an unprecedented increase in the provision of places of worship as the main faiths competed for attendance from newly-established communities. The period also coincided with a major shift in liturgical thinking, and saw some of the country’s most renowned architects engaged in church design. In Manchester alone, examples can be found by architects such Basil Spence, George Pace, and Adrian Gilbert Scott.

The day will begin with talks from our invited speakers including Robert Proctor (author of Building the Modern Church: Roman Catholic Church Architecture in Britain, 1955 to 1975); Anthony Grimshaw (of the architectural practice Anthony Grimshaw Associates); and Phil Griffin (well-known broadcaster and author of Manchester). This will be followed by an afternoon bus tour visiting some of Manchester’s finest post-war churches.

At St.Peter’s Chaplaincy, Oxford Road on 11th April 2015, the crowd was captivated by talks from Angela Connelly, Robert Proctor, Anthony Grimshaw and Phil Griffin.